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R22 Phase Out

The countdown begins as from January 2015 both new and recycled sources of R22 refrigerant commonly used in air conditioning systems are banned.

R22 is a Hydro chlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) when released into the atmosphere the ultraviolet rays of the sun cause it to decompose and chlorine is released into the stratosphere, Chlorine then reacts with the ozone reducing its quantity resulting in health and environmental issues.

The impact of the R22 phase out will be felt by any organisation that uses R22 refrigerant, it is vital to act and plan for the future now before prices of R22 become extortionately high and supply shortages mean you will no longer be able to service or maintain your air conditioning systems.

After 31st December 2014 R22 can still be used within operating systems, however if for any reason it leaves a system, the result will mean that the system is non-serviceable and either will need to be replaced or an alternative gas installed.

Available solutions for R22 replacement are not and have never been a seamless switch over, fraught with problems expect system leaks, broken fans, controls faults, compressor faults, and dirty heat exchangers.

No two conversions are the same.

R22 conversion is never the same for two systems, even two systems on identical chillers on the same site. All R22 equipment will be at least 12-14 years old and the available solutions are not a five minute fix.

It is likely to be more cost effective to replace old R22 kit with new equipment and due to significant developments in heat pump technology todays air conditioning systems running on R410A offer better performance than older systems with dramatically reduced running costs.

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